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Monika Moscibrodzka


Contact information:

  • m.moscibrodzkaATastro.ru.nl
  • Department of Astrophysics
    The Institute for Mathematics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics
    Radboud University
    P.O. Box 9010, NL - 6500 GL Nijmegen
    The Netherlands

    I am a member of:

    Current/former junior collaborators:

    • Shanshan Zhao (Nanjing University/Radboud University, visiting graduate student)
    • Jordy Davelaar (Radboud 4th year graduate student, particle acceleration around black holes)
    • Raquel Fraga-Encinas (Radboud 4th year graduate student, confronting models with observations)
    • Thomas Bronzwaer (Radboud 4th year gradutate student, radiative transfer)

The first image of the black hole shadow in the very center of M87 (Messier 87) galaxy.
Taken by Event Horizon Telescope in April 2017.
face image

face image face image
My predictions from 2016 for how M87 would look like.
(right image is a synthetic observation of my model done by Freek Roelofs)

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