Particle / Astrophysics Seminar 2018/2019

General information

Each class starts with a student giving a seminar with a duration of 30 min. Following the presentation, the other students in the class will ask questions and give feedback on the style and contents of the presentation. The instructors may also provide comments. At the end the student is awarded a pass/fail grade.

When preparing your presentation, keep the background of your audience in mind. Make sure you include enough background material that the talk is understandable to your fellow physics/astro master students, who may have a background very different from your own!

The instructors can be consulted for suggestions regarding the topics, but it is your own responsibility to make sure your have chosen a topic in time to get the presentation ready for the assigned slot. If you are not ready in time, this will count as a failed attempt.

The schedule for the presentations is given below. As a general rule, all students following the seminar course are expected to be present during all presentations. If it is absolutely impossible for you to give your presentation in the assigned slot (for example due to a conference trip, etc.) then please find someone to swap with and inform the instructors (S. Larsen and C. Timmermans) as soon as possible so that we can update the schedule.

The slides discussed at the introductory meeting are available as a PDF file


The requirements for passing the course are (1) giving a presentation and getting the grade "pass" (2) attending the presentations of the other students. We will keep a record of attendance.


Links with advice on how to give a presentation


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Time and place

In the 2018/2019 academic year, the particle/astrophysics seminar will take place on Wednesdays at 10:30. We will usually have two presentations each time.


Particle/Astrophysics Seminar schedule spring 2019
Date Speaker(s) Title
6 Feb Jesse Vos
Jesse Daas
Magnetic fields in large diameter HII regions
Axiomatic parameterized off-shell QFT
13 Feb Djamel van der Sluis
Ludo van Alst
Erik Verlinde's emergent gravity
Different approaches to Quantum Gravity
20 Feb Dirk van Buul
Daniel Kok
Black Holes and the Information Paradox
Building the Space Elevator
27 Feb Tomas Fernandez Quirante The Fermi Paradox
6 Mar Tom Draper
Viktor Traykov
Chaos in Quantum Billards
13 Mar Abha Khakurdikar
Jacco Terwel
Measuring our Galaxy's height to understand cosmic rays
Overview of the Orion complex
10 Apr Jeroen Maassen
Marco Nelissen
Dark matter particle candidates
15 May Tom de Wilt
Laurens Sluijterman
22 May Derryk Schieck
Jur Remeijn
Interstellar: Visualizing Wormholes and Black Holes Scientifically
29 May Ronald Bouma

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