==== Antenna ==== == The effect of Lunar environment on the antenna== The electrical characteristic of Moon's surface affects in the antenna's performance. the Moon's surface has a very low electrical conductivity. It means that unlike the Earth, the Moon's surface doesn't reflect the electric field. This makes a double-side pattern for antennas on the moon. Therefore a portion of radiation is dissipated through the Moon's ground. Some partial reflection from discontinuities underneath the Lunar surface may occur which cause perturbations for sky observations. == Antennas for Lunar missions == Several types of antenna has been designed for Lunar missions. {{luna-9-realantenna1.jpg?250 }} {{luna-9-beschriftet-55pr.gif?270}} {{ antennapollo14-1.gif?250x280 }} For sky observation and data measurement, an array of receiver antenna is used. The favourite antenna should be wideband with omnidirectional radiation pattern, low weight and easy to assemble. The simplest choice is dipoles. Using antennas with Circular/Dual polarization makes the measurement more efficient. Crossed dipoles and Tripoles antenna are potential candidates for such a design. {{ tripoleantenna2.jpg?180}} {{antennaarray6633-2.jpg?300x180 }}

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