==== Optimized Estimation of DOA using a Tripole Antenna ==== "The Matrix Pencil (MP) method combined with the Least Square Method (LSM), which has been previously applied to the DOA estimate, is improved to determine DOA for a single tripole antenna. The improvement is based on defining a new singular value factor with all the tri-channel singular values and summing the tri- channel phased signals together in order to get one signal with the optimized pattern. The simulations show that the methods presented increase significantly the accuracy of DOA with more incident waves under low signal to noise ratio (SNR), and can be used for estimates of the DOA for incident waves on Moon surface." Linjie Chen et al., (2010). {{research:final.optimized_estimation_of_the_direction_of_arrival_with_single_tripole_antenna_lapc2010-2.pdf|Full Article}}, {{optimized_estimation_of_the_direction_of_arrival_with_single_tripole_antenna_poster_lapc2010-2.pdf|Poster}} {{ research:tripole1post.jpg |}} A radio wave propagating with a wave vector k and an electric field E sweeping out the polarisation ellipse sensed by a tripole antenna {{ research:tripole2post.jpg?180x180 }} {{ research:3d_tripole.png?180x180 }} Normalized far field patterns for different excitations by IE3D. Antenna is placed 1m high above Moon surface (εr=3+j0.01, σ=10-14 S/m). {{ research:tripole3post.jpg?570x180 }}

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