Welcome to our website! It presents the latest progress and plans to use the Moon for astronomical research. The idea is to start a global coordination and information exchange concerning lunar-based astronomy and have such a group active over the coming years as the lunar programme materializes. This website is under development. Please send your comments and suggestions. You are welcome to participate in Open Discussion about Lunar Radio Astronomy.

A Lunar Radio Telescope on the Moon

Moon becomes accessible for scientific purposes within a global robotic or human space exploration programme. The most obvious candidate for an astronomical usage of the lunar surface is low-frequency astronomy. This area is currently receiving wide-spread attention. Large ground-based radio arrays such as LOFAR are built down to ~30 MHz. At even lower frequencies the universe is as yet completely unchartered. Due to the ionospheric cut-off of the Earth at 10-30 MHz observations at lower frequencies would have to be conducted from space and shielded from Earth’s strong Auroral Kilometric Radio (AKR) emission. This strongly favours a lunar far-side location over a formation-flight solution. Also, even at higher frequencies the moon offers a unique location for high-dynamic range imaging, due to the virtual absence of an ionosphere (ionospheric cut-off ~0.1 MHz).

We here consider a small and a medium-sized lunar radio telescope projects which would provide ground breaking science:

- A tripole antenna

- Two-element interferometer

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