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Scientists from the Department of Astrophysics join the Malargue Day Parade

Scientists from the Department of Astrophysics joined the Malargue Day Parade on November 16th, 2008. Malargue is a small city in Argentina, hosting the worlds largest experiment, the Pierre Auger Observatory. The Observatroy has been build to investigate the origin of highest-energy cosmic rays. In November every year the city of Malargue celebrates its Malargue Day Parade. A delegation of the Pierre Auger Observatory joins regularly this important event.

First row: 3.f.l.: Jose Coppens, PhD student Department of High Energy Physics; 4.f.l.: Sarka Jiraskova, PhD student Department of Astrophysics; 6.f.l.: Prof. Dr. Jim Cronin, spokesperson emiritus of the Pierre Auger Observatory.