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Research of the Department of Astrophysics Nijmegen is concentrating on the subject of high-energy astrophysics. The Universe forms a physics laboratory, in which events take place which cannot be recreated here on Earth and which are settled at the edge or even beyond the edge of our knowledge of physics.

Exploring this edge and understanding how highly energetic astrophysical phenomena are caused and affect their surroundings is the main objective of the research in Nijmegen. This research is observational as well as theoretical and is conducted in close cooperation with the departments of Experimental (EHEF) and Theoretical high energy physics (THEF) at the University of Nijmegen and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics (NIKHEF) as well as with the National Research institutes for radio astronomy (ASTRON) and space research (SRON).

The Department of Astrophysics is part of NOVA: the Dutch Research School for Astronomy, which is a collaboration between the astrophysics institutes of the universities of Amsterdam (UvA), Leiden (LU), Utrecht (UU), Groningen (RuG) and Nijmegen (RU).

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