Active Black Holes


Splinter Meeting

at the

76th Annual Meeting 2002

of the

Astronomische Gesellschaft


TU Berlin, 26.09.2002

New: The schedule is now available


Black holes have entered the main stream of modern astronomy. They are found in the most distant objects as well as in the nuclei of almost every galaxy and even in stellar systems in our own Galaxy. With emission from radio to TeV photons, active black holes touch almost every field of observational astronomy. The energetic processes in the vicinity of the event horizon, on the other hand, are a major challenge for theoretical astrophysics. Understanding of the physics of black holes therefore requires a broad overview of observations and theory and encompasses the entire range of objects with suspected black holes: from quasars, to Seyferts, to Low-Luminosity AGN, to the Galactic Center and X-ray binaries.


The splinter meeting therefore seeks to highlight these various aspects of black hole physics.

Topics to be discussed are among others: the physics of the central engine (theory, optical, Radio-, High-energy, and X-ray emission), the AGN environment (BLR, NLR, fuelling, host galaxies), surveys and cosmological evolution, stellar mass black holes, low-luminosity AGN.


The SOC consists of :


There are only contributed talks and poster. The deadline for abstracts has passed. The schedule and the abstracts are now available.


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