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Heino Falcke - Some pretty (scientific) pictures

Here are a few pretty pictures from our paper on Seyfert galaxies. You can download and use them provided, you properly acknowledge their origin.

Seyfert Galaxies

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  1. The narrow emission line region (NLR) of the Seyfert galaxies Mrk 573 and ESO 428-G14. This is hot gas of several 10.000 K temperature ionized by a "central engine" - most likely an accreting black hole.

    (click on image to get full-scale version)

  2. When adding the radio maps it becomes clear that the "funny" shapes of the NLR are produced by a hot plasma "jet" consisting of highly relativistic, synchrotron radiation emitting electrons, only visible to radio telescopes, and wrestling with the gas in the center of the galaxy.

    (click on image to get full-scale version)

  3. Comparing two filters and constructing an excitation map ([OIII]/Halpha) of the gas, one can see that the highly ionized gas is concentrated in a fan-shaped geometry (or excitation cone) - thus tracing the beamed radiation from the black hole in the center

    (click on image to get full-scale version)

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