sdB + WD binaries

Name Period Pdot e d M2 q M1 i Mv V RA DEC l b
[s] [s/s] [pc] Msun Msun [deg] [h:m:s] [d:m:s] [deg] [deg]
CD-30 11223 4231.79186(15) Not measured 0 364(31) 0.76(3) 0.65(3) 0.50(3) 83.4(4) 4.54 12.342(3) 14:11:16.156 -30:53:03.75 322.4875 +28.9379

CD-30. sdB+WD with good parameters from optical spectroscopy and photometry (which still have some room for improvement). It is bright, and thus relatively nearby, short period and has good component masses. References: 2012ApJ…759L..25V, 2013A&A…554A..54G [this one is the source of the numbers above].

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