The Instruments at BAO.

Main instrument, 8 inch f/6 Newton reflector.

This telescope was the main reason for building the observatory in the first place. We got tired of pulling it in and out of trunks, and freezing our fingers off by operating it on a tripod. It was purchased from a compagny called "Astro Mekanik", and had a mirror of unknown orgin (probably Meade). We have recently replaced the mirror with a Grupp Parson mirror of the same specifications.

Guide telescope, 114mm catadioptric f/8.8.

On the picture above you see the guide scope mounted on the homemade guideplatform. The guideplatform is not mounted on the telescope itself, but directly on the telescope mounting. It's easy to use - when you want to locate a guidestar, you just move the guideplatform in the X- or Y-axis, by turning two knobs. We have our CCD guidecamera mounted on this telescope and with carefull alignment, it's quite easy to find guidestars on the CCD. Don't pay any attention to the rubber band around the telescope!

PC Lynxx CCD camera.

This camera was ordered from the SpectraSource company during the summer of 1991, and we received it in early 1992. Right from the beginning, this camera proved to be a real revolution in comparison with our early adventures into conventional astrophotograpy. The Lynxx camera is based on a Texas TC-211 chip with 192 x 165 pixels, thermoelectrically cooled using a 1-stage Peltier element. There is no temperature regulation so we have to take dark frames regularly during the night, but this is not really a problem. However, the dark current is rather significant and we have had various plans on cooling the CCD better. The A/D converter is 12 bit which seems to quite reasonable for this camera.

The CCD guidecamera.

The guidecamera is produced by BAO hardware division, and is also based on the Texas TC-211 chip. Since this camera is intended to be used for guiding only, it has an 8-bit A/D converter and no cooling.


Sorry, we don't have a picture of it yet.. But Andrea is an 8 inch F:6 Dobsonian telescope which is used for visual observations when the main telescope is making CCD images (which is the case most of the time). After we have computerized the main telescope we spend most of the time in the control room, which is a pitty because the night sky is really nice to look at. Andrea is an attempt to bring this "real feeling" of astronomy back again.

Last updated: October 5th, 1996.

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