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Electronic tables and routines to compute envelope binding energies of giant stars

an electronic appendix to

Analytical expressions for the envelope binding energy of giants
as a function of basic stellar parameters

A.J. Loveridge, M.V. van der Sluys and V. Kalogera

We created a set of fits that describe the envelope binding energies of stars with metallicities between Z=10-4 and Z=0.03 and masses between 0.8 and 100 Mo on the giant branches. These binding energies can be used to compute the outcome of common-envelope events where detailed stellar models are not available, e.g. in population-synthesis codes.

A draft of the paper describing our results can be found in Loveridge et al., ApJ 743, 49 (2011).


The data files containing the fitting parameters described in the paper, Fortran code to use that data to compute binding energies and an example program can be found in binding_energy.tar.bz2 (75 kb). You can unpack, compile and run the code with:
$ tar xfj binding_energy.tar.bz2
$ make
$ ./example_program
The example Makefile uses gfortran by default; you can edit it before the make command to change that. The example program should produce this output. In the src/ directory of the tar ball, the file binding_energy.f90 contains the code that is needed to read in the data files and to compute the binding energy for a given set of stellar parameters. Detailed documentation of the code, generated by Doxygen, is also available.

Stellar-evolution models

The stellar-evolution models that were used to create the fits can be found in models.tar.bz2 (4.9 Mb). To unpack and see what they contain, use:
$ tar xfj models.tar.bz2
$ cd models
$ less ReadMe.txt