LOPES — A LOFAR Prototype Station

Young LOPES day, 03.-04. December 2008


  • Andreas Horneffer
  • Frank Schröder
  • Nunzia Palmieri
  • Gina Isar
  • Marianne Ludwig
  • Katrin Link
  • Tim Huege
  • Moses Ender
  • Thomas Asch
  • Maximilien Melissas
  • Markus Helfrich
  • Lars Bähren
  • Alexandra Saftoiu
  • Adrian Schmidt


Please fill in topic suggestions

  • CR-Tools (and related user software topics)
  • Status of time calibration
  • Polarization
  • LOPES browser
  • KHz measurements
  • analysis of thunderstorm mode data
  • progress in simulations
  • status of the self-trigger hardware (FZK & Auger)
  • recent results of LOPES-STAR
  • inclined events

Preliminary Schedule

Wednesday 03.12.2008
10:00 Gina/Frank Start
10:10 Marianne Radio Simulations
10:30 Adrian Status of Selftrigger and LopesStar and measurements in Argentina
11:30 Lars CR-Tools (skymapper, …)
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Andreas CR-Tools
14:20 Frank CR-Tools (call_pipeline)
14:40 Moses CR-Tools
15:00 Gina Event Browser
15:30 all Discussion about CR-Tools (e.g. CC-beam and Upsampling) and other LOPES software
16:30 Frank status report of LOPES (change of lopesmaster, calibration)
Delay measurements
Phase calibration
Thursday 04.12.2008
09:30 Katrin kHz measurements
10:00 Moses Thunderstrom analysis
10:30 Alexandra Inclined Showers
11:00 Andreas ?
11:30 Gina Polarization Studies (including lateral distribution)
12:00 Frank Future Project: Systematic Errors of Lateral Distribution
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Thomas Physics Results of Lopes Star
14:30 Nunzia Analysis of Radio Auger Data
15:00 all discussion + work on unsolved problems
Friday 05.12.2008
9:00 - 17:00 ? LOPES Collaboration Meeting

Travel information

There is a bus connection in between University Ka and Forschungszentrum Ka; please follow the link for the timetable information (on the right part of the page):


All students/workers can drive with this bus; one needs just an ID card, either from UNI – campus south or FZK – campus north. No extra ticket is needed! If you don't have any ID card for the 1st day, that's not a problem I guess – so you can still take it, but than you have to get out at the 1st stop – main eintrance at FZK – to get one, because the bus goes inside FZK for two more stops.

The program of the bus is the following:

from university to FZK: 7:30, 8:30 up to 17:30
from FZK to university: 8:00, 9:00 up to 18:00

Notes from the meeting

  • Do events, which are expected to produce radio showers indeed produce a radio signal?
  • What exactly is happening to the old LOPES-Tools? Is there still some functionality in there which needs to be made available to the CR-Tools?
  • Where is the upsampling done? → Frequency domain

Things to do:

  • Follow-up on the work done by Steffen on the lateral distributions
  • Continue working on the error budgets (continuation of the works presented by Frank)
  • pick up work to import REAS simulations into CR-Tools (reas2event)
  • pick up work started by Sven: arrival times of pulses at different positions on the ground → reconstruction of shower parameters
  • multidimensional fit for optimization: simplex-fit for optimizing radius of curvature and shower core position
  • roll-out and debugging of the new CR-Tools imager