400 square degrees at low Galactic latitude


The Survey


OmegaWhite will cover an area of 400 square degrees, overlapping with the sourthern part of the EGAPS surveys (see image below) with the following observing strategy
Each filed will be imaged for a continuous strech of 2 hours in g', cycling through 4 fields
Broad band colours
Imaging in u', g; r; and i' (in combintion with EGAPS)
Narrow-band imaging
In order to find He emission line systems we will do narrow band imaging with an O[III] filter that falls on top of the He 5015 line. The fields will also be imaged in narrow band Halpha by the complementary EGAPS surveys.

Position of the initial OmegaWhite fields that will be covered in the first two years (black squares) plotted over the region proposed to be surveyd by VPHAS+ (grey area). The initial OmegaWhite fields follow the Galactic plane from l = 0 to l = 30 and l = 210 to l = 240 each at b = +/-4 - 5