Movie made by Inti Pelupessy from one of my hydro simulations of mass transfer in binaries.

Single AGB star (3 MSun) losing wind at constant rate of 1e-06 MSun/yr and constant velocity of 15 km/s.

Position of the AGB wind particles as they interact with the companion star (1.5 MSun) in the perpendicular plane. We see some focuse of the wind in the orbital plane. The wind prescription is the same as for the single star.

We observe the column density profile for a simulation of an AGB of 3 MSun losing mass at a constant rate of 1e-06 MSun/yr with the velocity of the wind being of 15 km/s. The companion star is a low mass star (1.5 MSun) orbiting at a distance of 3 AU in a circular orbit.