Compact binaries

Lecture Course Radboud University Feb - May 2015

This course gives an overview of the observations and theory of binaries with compact stars
i.e. binaries with white dwarfs and/or neutron stars
It consists of 14 two-hour Lectures and 12 two-hour Exercise Classes The lecture notes indicated below concern the first part of the course, and will be updated (from the old version) as the course proceeds.

The teachers are Frank Verbunt and Gijs Nelemans; the teaching assistants are Andrei Igoshev and Martha Saladino

A grade will be assigned on the basis of the answers to the problems (0.7) and an oral presentation on a topic in compact binaries (0.3).
The course has 6.0 ECTS

The following book -- not required! -- provides some background to the topics of the course

Rosswog and Brueggen Introduction to High Energy Astrophysics 34.12 UK Pounds

Schedule of the lectures (subject to change)

all lectures are in Hg02.702, Fridays 13h45-15-30

teacher day, time, room topic of lecture/exercise Lecture notes hand in by:
FV Fr 6 Feb Historical introduction Chapter 1
FV Fr 13 Feb The gravitational 2-body problem Chapter 2
  AI    Fr 13 Feb Angular momentum; elliptic orbit problems 6,7,8,9 Fr 20 Feb
FV Fr 20 Feb Observing binaries: orbit Chapter 3.1, 3.2
  AI    Fr 20 Feb Orbit; Lagrangian points Problems 11,12,13 Fr 6 Mar
FV Fr 6 Mar Observing binaries: eclipses Chapter 3.3
  AI    Fr 6 Mar Eclipses Problem 17 Fri 13 Mar
FV Fr 13 Mar Structure of degenerate stars Chapter 6.1
  AI    Fr 13 Mar Angular momentum; elliptic orbit problems 18,19 Fri 20 Mar
FV Fr 20 Mar Structure Computation Chapter 6.2
  AI    Fr 20 Mar Computing a white dwarf 27 Mar
GN Fr 27 Mar Accretion onto WD/ND (i) tbd
  AI    Fr 27 Mar Computing a neutron star We 15 apr
GN Th 16 Apr Accretion onto WD/ND (ii) tbd
  MS    We 22 Apr He Nova ignition mass (i) tbd
GN Th 23 Apr Binary evolution (i) tbd
  MS    We 29 Apr He Nova ignition mass (ii) tbd
GN Th 30 Apr Binary evolution (ii) tbd
FV Th 21 May CVs and X-ray Binaries (i) tbd
FV We 27 May AM CVn's and UCXBs (ii) tbd
  MS    Th 28 May tbd programming? tbd
  MS    We 3 Jun writing observing proposal? tbd
GN Th 4 Jun Double white dwarfs, double neutron stars tbd
  MS    We 10 Jun tbd tbd
GN Th 11 Jun Mergers tbd
  MS    We 17 Jun tbd tbd
GN Th 18 Jun Gravitational waves tbd
  MS    We 24 Jun tbd tbd
GN Th 25 Jun Population synthesis tbd