IMAGINE workshop 2020

General Information

Our IMAGINE scientific meeting titled: Modelling the Galactic magnetic field, which was scheduled to take place at the Lorentz Center@Oort on 6 July - 10 July 2020 has now officially been postponed due to the current circumstances. The workshop is now scheduled to take place from 18 – 22 October 2021. In the mean time, we will run some of the workshop activities in a virtual format. Please continue to visit this page for updates. We are proposing to hold three online sessions over three weeks (tentative schedule below). In addition, we are planning to host an additional "parallel" session for each project group. A list of the current projects can be found here. Please find a preliminary project session schedule below. Closer to the date, you can expect to receive connection details via the email list. We will also post the connection details in Slack. Please join the #virtual_imagine_2020 Slack channel to receive updates. Stay tuned for further details.

Schedule: Main Sessions

Introductory session - 2 hours (July 7, 2020. Time: 12.00 PM UTC/8.00 AM EDT/14.00 PM CEDT)

Jeroen Stil-- Virtual Seminar. July 14, 2020. Time: 2.00 PM UTC/10.00 AM EDT/4.00 PM CEDT

Wrap up - 2 hours (July 21, 2020. Time: 12.00 PM UTC/8.00 AM EDT/14.00 PM CEDT)

IMAGINE hack-a-thon - July 13-20.

Schedule: Group Sessions

Group Topic Group Leader Date Time (UTC) Time (EDT) Time (CEDT)
Technical working group on IMAGINE infrastructure Luiz F.S. Rodrigues July 8th 11.00 AM 7.00 AM 1.00 PM
Galactic cosmic ray distribution Tess Jaffe July 9th 4.00 PM 12.00 PM 6.00 PM
Constraining and extending the GalMag model Luiz F. S. Rodrigues July 13th 11.00 AM 7.00 AM 1.00 PM
Supernova remnants + Faraday rotation and helicity Jennifer West July 14th 1.00 PM 9.00 AM 3.00 PM
Starlight polarization José Versteeg-Veltkamp July 15th 8.00 AM 4.00 AM 10.00 AM
Connecting CRPropa to IMAGINE + Fast Radio Bursts Arjen van Vliet + Stefan Hackstein July 16th 1.30 PM 9.30 AM 3.30 PM
Polarized dust emission Vincent Pelgrims July 17th 11.00 AM 7.00 AM 1.00 PM
Statistical characterization of the magnetized ISM François Boulanger July 17th 1.00 PM 9.00 AM 3.00 PM
Low-frequency diffuse polarimetry Vibor Jelić/Marijke Haverkorn July 20th 12.00 PM 8.00 AM 2.00 PM

All sessions will be recorded and we can provide links to the recordings on slack for those who cannot attend due to time zone conflicts.