IMAGINE meeting

General Information

First announcement

The IMAGINE Consortium is proud to present its first consortium meeting. Over the course of a week, we aim to explore collaboration in the area of the IMAGINE science goals. The aim of the Consortium is a comprehensive study of magnetic fields in the Milky Way (and other galaxies), their role, origin and significance. A detailed discussion of the aims and ideas of the Consortium, as well as a review of its activities, can be found in the IMAGINE White Paper. Significant progress on these title topics can be made by exploiting synergies and complementary expertise of different research branches. The IMAGINE consortium is particularly committed to fostering and increasing such interdisciplinary research bonds.

The purpose of the meeting in Nijmegen is to discuss the present research of the Consortium, to review its computational tools and observational database, and, most importantly, to identify further directions of research and promote active collaborations between the participants. The format of the meeting includes a relatively small number of talks (some of them to introduce the Consortium software and data sets) and allows for ample time for informal discussions and collaborative hands-on sessions.

The consortium meeting will start with a PI-only meeting on April 1st at the Radboud University, Nijmegen. The general meeting will be held from April 2nd until April 5th at the Cultural Center "De Lindenberg", Nijmegen. More information on the program can be found here

We hope that you are interested in joining our first consortium meeting, and if this is the case, would like to hear your ideas on how IMAGINE could be integrated into your research or other suggestions for collaborations. We particularly welcome proposals that would benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of the IMAGINE collaboration to advance the field at various fronts, such as

  • Using UHECR deflections as a tracer for the GMF structure.
  • How to use non-standard observational tracers for the GMF?
  • Physics based modeling of the galactic magnetic field employing parametric or non-parametric Bayesian methods.
  • What can we learn from galaxy formation and the observations of other galaxies?
  • The interplay between cosmic structure, magnetic fields and the origin and propagation of extragalactic cosmic rays.
  • ... (insert your project here)

The conference fee will be 175 euros, but we have limited funds to support a small number of participants who do not have access to other funding, especially early-career researchers.


The program for this meeting can be found here.


The following people have confirmed attendance to the april 2019 IMAGINE Consortium meeting:

  • Marta Alves
  • François Boulanger
  • Francesca Capel
  • Martin Erdmann
  • Carmelo Evoli
  • Katia Ferrière
  • Stefan Hackstein
  • Marijke Haverkorn
  • Volker Heesen
  • Jörg Hörandel
  • Sebastian Hutschenreuter
  • Marco Iacobelli
  • Tess Jaffe
  • Vibor Jelíc
  • Yik Ki (Jackie) Ma
  • Ann Mao
  • Vincent Pelgrims
  • Luiz Felippe Santiago Rodrigues
  • Anvar Shukurov
  • Youri Sloots
  • Marian Soida
  • Luka Turic
  • Ellert van der Velden
  • Arjen van Vliet
  • José Versteeg
  • Jiaxin Wang
  • Jennifer West