IMAGINE workshop 2023

Towards a Comprehensive Model of the Galactic Magnetic Field

The IMAGINE consortium has been granted a 4-week long Scientic Program titled "Towards a Comprehensive Model of the Galactic Magnetic Field" at the NORDITA Institute in Stockholm from 3 - 28 April 2023. During these four weeks, NORDITA will host groups of scientists interested in the Galactic Magnetic Field, with a minimum stay of one week and limited to about 35 participants per week. The program will include a few (contributed) talks per day, short hack-a-thons, educational lectures for young participants, and ample time for discussions and ad-hoc meetings. A summary of the scientific goals and intended program is given below, as well as a link to the pre-registration form. The Scientific Program will run for four weeks from 3 until 28 April 2023.


The goal of the program is to achieve tangible progress in our understanding of the structure and origin of the Milky Way's magnetic field, to pave the way for further progress in this direction, and to address a range of fundamental questions in other areas of galactic astrophysics that have magnetic fields and cosmic rays at their core. Specific questions include:
* What are the properties of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in the interstellar medium?
* What can we learn from the observations of other galaxies (and contribute to) galaxy formation theory?
* What is the interplay between cosmic structure, magnetic fields and the origin and propagation of extragalactic cosmic rays?
Answers to these questions, even if partial and incomplete, would advance fundamentally our understanding of galactic magnetic fields, bring closer their theory, simulations and observations, and inform crucially the rapidly evolving concepts in galaxy formation and evolution.


The meeting will bring together experts in theory, computational astrophysics and observations across a wide range of related disciplines to find answers and develop approaches to tackle these important questions. The format of the meeting includes a relatively small number of talks and allows for an ample time for informal discussions and collaborative hands-on sessions. This general format has proven to be very successful in the past meetings. For a four-week program, several components are considered:
• IMAGINE software workshop/school aimed at students and postdocs. This would be structured with lectures, tutorials and work time for specific tasks.
• A data/simulation challenge and/or a hackathon session.
• Mini symposia or short dedicated focus meetings, devoted to a focused topic with the aim to achieve tangible progress in resolving particular difficulties or implementing new ideas.
• Working time for informal discussions and collaborative work.

The program is flexible and will be adapted as to meet best the requirements of the participants.

Please find the pre-registration form HERE