First Dutch Gravitational wave meeting


10:30 Welkom and coffee
10:40 Bangalore Sathyaprakash, Gravitational waves
11:25 David Rabeling, Advanced Virgo/LIGO and Einstein Telescope
11:55 Jason Hessels, Pulsar Timing Arrays
12:25 Gijs Nelemans, eLISA
12:40 Brynmor Haskell, Gravitational waves from neutron stars

13:10 Lunch

14:00 Paul Groot, Ultra-compact binaries
14:20 Marica Branchesi, Electromagnetic Follow-Up of Gravitational Wave Transient Signal Candidates
14:40 Walter del Pozzo, Testing General Relativity with binaries
15:00 Riccardo Sturani, Spinning compact binary coalescence

15:20 Coffee

15:50 Peter Jonker, Recoiling super-massive Black Holes
16:10 Jan Willem van Holten, Extreme mass-ratio inspirals
16:30 Sweta Shah, Synergy between Electro-magnetic and Gravitational wave detections

16:50 Panel discussion on Dutch (strategic) plans in Gravitational wave research (presentation by Ernst-Jan Buis)

17:30 Drinks