Radboud University
9-12 March 2015

Programme for the 2015 LOFAR Magnetism KSP meeting

The Soeterbeeck Center, Ravenstein, The Netherlands, 9-12 March 2015

The latest version of the programme can be downloaded here

Abstracts for the talks can be downloaded here.

Preliminary Programme (Speakers to be confirmed):

Monday 9 March, 2015

8:00: Breakfast (room: serre 3)

10:30–12:00: Registration (room: Serre)

12:00-13:00: Lunch

13:00-13:15: Welcome address (Prof. Paul Groot, Head of Department of Astronomy, Radboud University)

13:15-13:35: MKSP status update(Rainer Beck)

13:35-14:05: LOFAR status update(Roberto Pizzo)

14:15-14:25: MSSS status update (TBC)

14:25-14:45: MSSS polarisation update(David Mulcahy)

14:45-15:05: MSSS nearby galaxies(Krzysztof Chyzy)

15:05-15:30: Discussion of LOFAR and MSSS (Led by George Heald)

15:30-16:00: Coffee/Tea break

16:00-16:30: Surveys KSP Tier 1 survey (Tim Shimwell)

16:30-17:00: Presentation Cycle 4 proposals (what is required before 11 March deadline, make splinter groups to work on proposals if required)

Progress reports of working groups

17:00-17:20: LOFAR HBA observations of IC 342 + progress report WG1: Milky Way(Cameron Van Eck)

17:20-17:40: Pulsars with LOFAR + progress report WG2: Pulsars (Aris Noutsos)

17:40-18:00: Progress report WG3: Nearby galaxies (Wojciech Jurusik, Blazej Nikiel-Wroczynski,Natalia Nowak)

18:00-18:15: Progress report WG4: giant radio galaxies (Emanuela Orru)

18:15-18:30: Progress report WG5: Intergalactic filaments (Torsten Ensslin)

19:30: Conference Dinner

Dinner - Presentation by Frank Verbunt “Megalithic Astronomy”

Tuesday 10 March, 2015

Science Talks:

09:00–09:20: The LOFAR View of NGC5033(Katharina Sendlinger)

09:20–09:40: LOFAR observations of the nearby spiral gal\ axy, M101 (Sarrvesh Sridhar)

09:40–10:00: LOFAR observations of Abell 1682 (Alex Clarke)

10:00–10:20: Investigating the cosmic-ray propagation in M51 at LOFAR Frequencies (David Mulcahy)

10:20-10:40: LOFAR observations of diffuse polarised material at high Galactic latitudes - Vibor Jelic

10:40–11:00: Precise LOFAR observations of Rotation Measures towards pulsars – Charlotte Sobey

11:00–11:30: Coffee

11:30-11:50: Observing large-scale structure of the enti\ re northern sky by using TBB data from a LOFAR single station (Jana Koehler)

11:50–12:10: Statistical methods for the analysis of rotation measure grids in large-scale structures (Valentina Vacca)

12:10–12:30: The LOFAR view of Massive Star Formation (Marta Alves)

12:30-13:50: Lunch

13:50–14:10: Experiences in LOFAR HBA processing (Marco Iacobelli)

14:10–14:30: NGC 5775 – George Heald

14:30-15:30: First half of Business meeting:

- Revision of management structure

- Revision of science goals

- Revision of working groups

- Communication within the MKSP

- Cooperation with the other KSPs

15:30-16:00: Coffee/Tea

16:00-17:00: Second half of business meeting

17:00 - 18:00 Discussion on ways to study Galactic Magnetism with LOFAR - led by Torsten Ensslin

Wednesday 11 March, 2015


9:30–10:00: Software development: calibration and imaging – George Heald

- Commissioning progress talks (if any left)

- Discussion on commissioning computing and related topics

- Plans for Busy Days

14:00-18:00: Busy Day

Thursday 12 March, 2015

09:00-13:00: Busy Day