Radboud University
9-12 March 2015

Local Information for your stay in Ravenstein

There is an ATM can be found at the Mgr Zwijsenstraat 7 (Rabobank, close to shop named Boerenbond), and an EMTE supermarket can be found at Keurvorstenplein 12, Ravenstein and is open: Mon - Thu 8:30 - 20:00.

Restaurants in Ravenstein

Below is a map that shows the locations of a number of restaurants in Ravenstein, and below this is some limited information about them..

Stadsherberg De Keurvorst is where the conference dinner on Monday will be and is a Hotel, restaurant and cafe. The address is at Marktstraat 14, Ravenstein and it is open: Mon, Tue, Wed from 17:00; Thu from 10:00

Eten bij Valentijn is a restaurant and cafe at Marktstraat 16, Ravenstein that is open: Tue - Fri 12:00 - 23:00. The kitchen closes at 21:00.

Restaurant ’t Veerhuis is located at Maasdijk 33, Ravenstein and is open: Tue - Fri 11:00 - 22:00.

Restaurant Amon is a cheap and simple Egyptian and Italian cuisine restaurant that is open: Mon - Fri 16:00 - 24:00

Cafe Cafetaria de Maasstad is a pub and fast-food restaurant at Walstraat 10 that is open: Mon - Thu 12:00 - 23:00

Travelling to Nijmegen/Ravenstein

Nijmegen and Ravenstein are situated in the south-east of the Netherlands. They are well-connected by road and public transport.

Travelling by Car

To travel to Ravenstein by car from Schipol Airport, get onto the A4 for 2.6 km by heading east on Ceintuurbaan Zuid towards Exit P3, then taking the ramp to Luchthaven Schiphol/Lang parkeren. Keep left to continue toward Westelijke Randweg and turn right onto Westelijke Randweg. Then turn left to merge onto A4.

Merge onto A4 (1.1 km) and at the interchange Knooppunt Badhoevedorp, keep right and follow signs for A9 toward Amstelveen/Utrecht. At the interchange Knooppunt Holendrecht, keep right and follow signs for A2/E35 toward Utrecht and continue to follow A2 for 70.4 km. At the interchange 20-21-Knooppunt Empel, keep right and follow signs for A59 toward RING-Oost/Veghel/N279/Nijmegen/'s-Hertogenbosch/RING-Noord/Rosmalen/Waalwijk/A2. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Ring-Oost/Veghel/N279/Nijmegen/'s-Hertogenbosch-Centrum/Rosmalen/A2/A59. Continue onto A59 and then take the A59 exit towards Nijmegen. Continue onto A59 for 17.4 km before merging onto the A50. Take exit 17-Ravenstein towards Ravenstein/Herpen/N277. Finally, turn left onto Erfsestraat (signs for 's-Hertogenbosch/Ravenstein), then turn left again onto Dorpenweg/N277, at the roundabout, continue straight onto Dorpenweg, go through 1 roundabout and after 1.4 km, turn left onto Elleboogstraat and your destination will be on the right.

Travelling by Public Transport

The Netherlands has a good and extensive public transport system comprised of trains, trams and busses. The system is clean, safe, relatively frequent and inexpensive. Nijmegen is well connected by train, and has its own bus network. Ravenstein is connected to Nijmegen by bus and train. Trains come in two sorts; Intercity train are faster (in terms of travel time), but bypass all small stations (such as Ravenstein), whereas Sprinter trains are slower (in terms of travel time), but they stop at every station. Please be aware of which train you need to catch, otherwise you can find your station flying by at a rapid rate of knots, requiring backtracking!


Internationally, Nijmegen is connected by the German fast trains (InterCity Express; ICE) that stop in Arnhem every two hours coming from Frankfurt towards Amsterdam (with additional Intercity and Sprinter trains connecting Arnhem and Nijmegen). The return service (towards Frankfurt or Basel) also connects the Dutch (Fyra) and the French/Belgian (Thalys) fast train services to and from Brussels, Paris and beyond. To travel to Nijmegen/Ravenstein from Amsterdam or Schipol Airport, take an an Intercity train to Nijmegen Central (direction Nijmegen Centraal). These trains run every 15-30 minutes throughout the day, and there is free Wi-Fi on all trains (Wi-Fi in de trein). At Nijmegen Central, it is necessary to then switch to a Sprinter in the direction of Deurne, alighting at Station Ravenstein. These trains leave every 30 minutes throughout the day.

Public Transport Tickets

The Netherlands has recently changed over to electronic tickets for all public transport. However, one may still buy a paper ticket for all transport types. These are bought from the driver on busses, or trains, but from the central ticket office in train stations for train travel. There are also single-trip plastic-card tickets also available. Paper tickets will unfortunately be more expensive than electronic tickets on busses.

Electronic tickets, called a chip-card (OV-chipkaart) that costs 7.50€ to buy, can be bought at the station from the central ticket offices and can be used on all types of public transport. These need to be charged with money, and this can be done either at the central ticket office, or from machines at different locations in the station. Such a card is generally quicker and more convenient if you are travelling often (e.g., you are staying in Nijmegen and not Ravenstein). You are required to log in and out for each trip by placing the card upon a ticket scanner that is located at various points in the station. Failure to do so will result in the maximum amount to be charged (about 20€), and so can be quite costly. Additionally, in the Netherlands, debit cards tend not to work in machines unless they are connected to a Dutch bank, so best to charge the cards at the counter(s) in the station. Also, to travel on the trains, one requires at least 20€ to be on the card for each trip.

Travel from Ravenstein Station to the Soeterbeeck Conference Centre

At Ravenstein station you can already see the old monastery which is the Soeterbeeck conference center, across the fields. Coming from direction Nijmegen, stay on the same side of the tracks and take the narrow footpath through the fields (see the image below). At the end of the footpath, take a right onto the road and slight right again until you reach the center.